Integral Sprinkler

Integral sprinkler

Spray your marc cap homogeneously.


The integral sprinkler's continuous and alternate variation in height makes it possible to vary the curve of the jet of juice throughout the pumping-over operation, thus ensuring a complet coverage of the lees cap.


  • To improve the absorption of colour and boost the tannin content
  • To improve the bouquet of the wine through excellent homogenization 


  • Provides for sprinkling of the lees cap over its entire surface, thus obviating preferential flows.
  • Used with a low flow-rate pump.
  • Enables the pumping-over of juices containing pulp and pips without any risk of clogging.
  • Can be programmed in conjonction with pumping-over pump.
  • Improves the cooling of the lees cap.
  • No human intervention required during pumping-over.
  • Can be used to clean the vat after vinification.
Integral sprinkler plan

Choice of an integral sprinkler

Type of sprinkler Vat capacity (hl) Vat dimensions (dia) Diameter of pump-over column Flow rate of pump-over pump
 Central Opening 100 to 220 hl 1,64 to 2,73 yd 1,57 inches  60 hl/Hr
Central Opening 220 to 500 hl 2,73 to 3,28 yd 1,57 inches 100 hl/Hr
Central Opening 500 to 1000 hl 3,28 to 5,47 yd 1,97 to 2,76 inches 250 hl/Hr
Off-centre Opening 100 to 500 hl

Lenght = 3,28 yd

Width = 3,06 yd

1,57 inches 180 hl/Hr