Infusion tank

(International design registration N°062106)

Innovation in keeping with tradition

Photo cuve infusion




The infusion tank has a cylindrical and truncated shape, and is equiped with a stainless steel grid to block the marc's cap in its truncated part, immersing it between 2 liquid phases.

An automated pumping over system with ventilation can make the juice circulate in order to increase juice contact with pulp without any mechanical effect

Fermentation's temperature control is possible thanks to transfer medium circulation in an outside cooling circuit.


How it works

Fonctionnement cuve infusion

I)  When you fill the tank with destemed harvest, the grid is set up in the upper part of the cylinder (fig 1).


II) After the marc's cap formation (fig 2), you offload the tank until the cap lossens itself in the truncated part (fig 3).


III) You lower the grid in the lower part of the cylinder (fig 3). Then you rise the destemed juice over the grid (fig 4).


IV) You make sequential pumping overs to immerse the marc's cap maintained by the grid (fig 5).