Pneumatic Box

Pneumatic box Vinitech

Protect your wine.

Spiral GD Industries



This stainless pneumatic box can inflate/deflate quickly and effectively the inner tubes installed in tanks with mobile ceiling.



Inflated, the inner tube avoids any air contact with the wine. In case of extraction, this inner tube need to be deflated to avoid a depression phenomenon.

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The manual inflating is tedious and does not permit to detect a possible leak from the air chamber which would cause irreversible damages to wine.


Our pneumatic box can inflate and deflate your inner tubes and continues to send pressure in case of leak.

Moreover, manometers can detect an inflating failure from the tank.


A pneumatic box can supply several tanks.

"The manual inflating [...] does not permit to detect a possible leak from the inner tube"

How it works

Pneumatic box plan

A compressor feeds the box by an inlet for this purpose.

3 positions button GD Industries




A 2 positions button permits to control the pressure : you inflate or deflate the inner tube. There is a button for each conservation vat connected, and a shut-off valve in case of  maintenance.

Manometer GD Industries





The manometer checks the pressure sent whereas an air outlet feeds the inner tube.

Pneumatic box GD Industries






In case of leak, in "inflate position" the box continues to send air to maintain the pressure needed to save your wine.

Our stainless base can be installed to protect the connections. Back trap doors are provided to connect the inner tubes.

"The box continues to send air to maintain the pressure needed to save your wine"


Box Type Size (inches)
Feeding 1 storing vat 9,45*7,09
Feeding 2 to 6 storing vats 19,69*19,69
Feeding 7 to 9 storing vats 23,62*23,62
Base for box feeding 1 storing vat 47,24*22,64
Base for box feeding several storing vats 39,37*19,69 ; 23,62*35,43 

*Non contractual size. GD Industries has the right to change any technical features without notice.

Pneumatic box on his base in Brignoles
Pneumatic box on his stainless base in Brignoles, France.