Stainless Steel Barrel

Stainless steel wine barrel GD Industries

Conceive a new wine.

This 100% stainless barrel with its capacity adapted to your needs enables to realise red or white wine-making or to use it for maturation and preservation.


Glass GD Industries

Mastering your wine


Qualities inherent to stainless steel will help you to conceive a wine that suits you and to think outside of the box, controlling from A to Z a set of parameters :


The woodwork can be optimized measuring with precision quantity and quality of added woods to the wine.

Wood supplies can be done by the bunghole or by the bottom center.


Thanks to the absence of stainless porosity, micro oxygenations are deliberated, controlled and precises. It also minimizes wine losses and number of ouillages.


Grape GD Industries

The expression of the terroir


Your terroir can express itself thanks to stainless steel and can bring foward your care given to your vine. Moreover, you give yourself the opportunity to provide a mineral touch to your wine.


Thumb GD Industries

Stainless steel's quality label


Cleaning and decontamination are easy and the barrel life is not limited.


GD Industries also makes a stainless steel base which enables stainless steel barrel and accessories rotation.

"Qualities inherent to stainless steel will help you to [...] think outside of the box, controlling from A to Z a set of parameters"

Stainless Steel benefits

  • Let your terroir express itself
  • Non porous material
  • Easy to clean
  • Non limited lifetime
  • True oak barrel's complement

Small volume benefits

  • Fast and effective clarification
  • Fruit and minerality development
  • Stirring of the lees facilitated


Capacity Height H ØD1 ØD2 Weight
Litres inches inches inches lbs
 57 l 23,62  Ø 12,95 Ø 17,25 37,48 lbs
114 l  27,56  Ø 17,05 Ø 21,77 52,91 lbs
225 l  37,72  Ø 19,69 Ø 25,59 79,37 lbs
228 l  38,11  Ø 19,69 Ø 25,59 81,71 lbs
300 l  39,37  Ø 22,60 Ø 28,74 97 lbs
350 l  41,39  Ø 23,78 Ø 30,16 105,82 lbs
400 l  41,39  Ø 25,67 Ø 32,05 114,64 lbs
450 l  43,31  Ø 26,46 Ø 33,07 123,46 lbs
500 l  43,31  Ø 28,11 Ø 34,72 132,28 lbs
600 l  45,28  Ø 30,16 Ø 37,01 147,71 lbs

*Non contractual size. GD Industries has the right to change any technical features without notice.

Stainless steel wine barrel plan GD Industries