Pumping Over Box

Pumping over box

Make your pumping over with short cycles without any human intervention.

This inox box and its accessories can automate your pumping over to eliminate any human intervention and to proceed by short cycles.


Indeed short cycles pumping overs -5mn every hour during 24h- create homogeneous temperature in the cap and the juice, improving your wine bouquet.


This pumping over box acts like a timer which is able to start a pumping over at set times. You can also activate a manual run sequence.



Combined with a pumping over column and a sprinkler system such as the integral sprinkler, pumping over is entirely automated and will correspond to your quality standards.

"Short cycles pumping overs [...] create homogenous temperature in the cap and the juice"

How it works

Pumping over box plan

The pump, controlled by the box, sucks up the must which goes out by gate 1. An oxygenation system emulates juice airiness flowing away in a tub.

Then the must goes to gate 2 and to the pumping over column before feeding the sprinkler which will spray the marc cap.

Control and programmation

- On/Off Button

- Pumping Over/Draining System Button

- Manual/Chronometric Button

- Display for pumping over times over 24h

- Digital display for the number of pumping overs made

How to use it

- Sprinkler locked to pumping over pump working

- Hand operated drain pump

- Hand operated pumping over pump

- Chronometric pumping over pump, with on/off time adjustable at the front face

Pumping over box at Val d'Or
Pumping Over Box installed at Val d'Or (Québec, Canada)
Automatic pumping over system on truncated vats
Installation of an automatic pumping over system on truncated vats at château Le Cone (Aquitaine, France)